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Delmars Standard Guide to Transformers Conduit Bending Package Deal
Price $106.25
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All about single phase and three phase transformers, theory and application Everything you need to do precision conduit bends.   
This package save you $9.95.
This book covers:
    Magnetic Induction
    Inductance in AC Circuits
    Isolation Transformers, Potential Transformers
    Current Transformers
    Three-Phase Circuits
    Three Phase Transformers   
    Single-Phase Loads for Three Phase Transformers
    Transformer Installation
    Transformer Cooling
    Transformer Maintenance
    Transformer Basics
    Single-Phase Transformer Calculations
    Transformer Polarities
    Three Phase Circuits
    Three-Phase Transformers
Everything you need to bend precision conduit bends.  Cox Third Edition Electricians Guide to Conduit Bending, the TRUBEND Calculating Tape Measure and a TRUBEND WOW Watcher (No-Dog).  The Book tells you how to bend the pipe, while the tape measure does the math for you when you are bending 45 offsets, and saddles.  The TRUBEND WOW Watcher makes sure the bend is true, without dog legs or WOWs.
TRUEBEND® 45 Offset
Calculating Tape Measure
Electricians Guide to Conduit Bending 3rd Edition
Price $18.95
Price $25.95
Bend 45 offsets and saddles without MATH Everything you need to know about Conduit Bending in one book.
Bend 45 offsets and saddles without math. Perfect results every time. No Math, No Waste, and Increased Productivity.
1.  Measure height of obstruction with standard inch scale at the top to the rule (example, 3 5/8")
2.  Locate corresponding measurement on bottom scale (3 5/8") for spacing between the 45 bends.
3.  Mark your pipe and bend.
Open the Extended Information tab for illustrated instructions.

The back side of the tape measure has bending information such as:  Offset multiplier for 10, 22 1/2, 30, and 45 offsets, shrink values for various angles, segment bending formulas, three bend saddle formulas and much, much more.

The new Third Edition of this National Best Selling book on conduit bending has been expanded by 50 pages and will show you step-by-step how to bend stubs, ninety degree bends, offsets, kicks, saddles, segment bends, concentric bends, etc.  All forms of pipe bending are included; EMT, Rigid, IMC, PVC and Aluminum pipe.  Hand, Mechanical, and hydraulic bending methods and equipment are covered.  Included is a wallet-sized table with all the formulas and constants you need for precision bending.
Tecnicians Guide to Programmable Controllers Book 6th
Price $135.00
PLC book that explains what is a PLC is, how they work, and how to program them.
This is the 6th Edition of this best selling book on Programmable Controllers.
Covers the concepts and operation of programmable controllers, as well as easy to understand examples of industrial applications and programming.
    Expanded coverage of installation, programming and troubleshooting techniques.
    Coverage of the Allen-Bradley SLC 500 & MicroLogix PLCs
    Data Manipulation basics that apply to all makes of PLCs
    Programming techniques using a personal computer and PLC software
    Hundreds of illustrations and photos.

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Nine Mile Falls, WA  99026  
Phone (509) 466-0406   
FAX     (509) 468-9390

Today's Super Deal!

TRUBEND WOW Watcher No-Dog

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Price $7.50
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No-dog or WOW Watcher
REGULAR PRICE $9.95   NOW ON SALE FOR $7.50 Until May 31st, 2013

This tool is indispensable if you want to bend precision offsets, saddles, and stubs without dog legs or wows.

Receive a TRUBEND WOW Watcher FREE when you purchase any two items or courses.

Buy the book Electricians Guide to Conduit Bending and a TRUBEND Calculating Tape Measure and receive a FREE WOW Watcher (no-dog) .

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