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Customer Service 1-800-257-0941

Defective books or tools will be exchanged at no additional cost to the customer.

Other returns require a Return Authorization Number.

  1. Call Customer Service and explain the problem with the product
  2. Request a Return Authorization Number
  3. Return the product prepaid to:
11501 W Highland Rd
Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026

Wholesale Purchases: All books purchased from COXCO may be returned for credit toward future purchases.

Returned books must include invoice number and date of original purchase.

Books must be in salable condition and returned freight prepaid.

No returns after one year from invoice date.

Credit for returned books will be adjusted if the returned books change to discount from the original order.

Example: If 100 Conduit Bending books are ordered, the discount on the original order would be 35%. If 20 books are returned, the 80 books that were kept would have only been eligible for a 30% discount. The 5% difference will be subtracted from the credit for the returned books. 100 books @ 35% discount is $14.27 per book for a total of $1,426.75. If 20 books are returned the discount on the 80 books that were kept would have been 30% or $15.37 per book, for a difference of $1.10 per book. This difference of $1.10 times 80 books is equal to $88.00. The $88.00 will be deducted from the credit for the returned books. Twenty (20) books @ $14.27 would be $285.40, less the $88.00 adjustment for the change in discount, will give a credit of $197.40. If you have questions about the return policy please call Customer Service at 1-800-257-0941

DESK COPIES: Desk copies will be provided upon request when accompanied by orders of 25 books or more.