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COXCO has books for electricians that cover Conduit or Pipe Bending and AC Motor Controls.

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Everything you need to know about Conduit Bending in one book. AC Motor Control book that is current with the 2011 NEC.
The new Third Edition of this National Best Selling book on conduit bending has been expanded by 50 pages and will show you step-by-step how to bend stubs, ninety degree bends, offsets, kicks, saddles, segment bends, concentric bends, etc. All forms of pipe bending are included; EMT, Rigid, IMC, PVC and Aluminum pipe. Hand, Mechanical, and hydraulic bending methods and equipment are covered. Included is a wallet-sized table with all the formulas and constants you need for precision bending. NEW....Second Edition...This Edition contains 18 chapters of fully illustrated diagrams and charts that explain control components, controllers, overload relays, ladder diagrams, wiring diagrams, pilot devices, Article 430 of the NEC, fuses, circuit breakers, reversing circuits, motor deceleration, sequence control, pump controls, duplex controllers, testing 9-lead motors, reduced voltage starters, speed control, high voltage starter, power factor capacitors. Charts and sections of the National Electrical Code are used along with standard electrical symbols, troubleshooting guide and an index.